HairValier by Nikki Evans

Our Story

What is a HairValier?


Derived from combining “hair” and “lavalier” to bring you the HairValier. A lavalier is an item of jewelry recognized for its drop from a chain or necklace, usually consisting of a stone or chandelier pendant. Similarly, a HairValier is a patent pending clip-in braided hair extension adorned with a pendant that we call a "Valier."

The beauty of a HairValier is its interchangeability. With just one braid, there are endless possible combinations as all braids and Valiers are universally compatible. The combinations multiply when you add more braids and Valiers to your collection.

Who is Nikki Evans?

The HairValier brand speaks to the creative-minded and free spirited - capturing the fun, whimsy, and bohemian style of our creator and founder, Nikki Evans. As a hairstylist, Nikki's passion for hair, art, jewelry, and style inspired her to combine all of her interests into one concept. Convinced she wasn't alone, Nikki devoted herself to design a product that suits artists, thinkers, and believers of all ages.

Nikki has specialized in hair extensions in the Chicagoland area for over 13 years. Her interest in hair started at the young age of 5 when she first learned how to braid, then evolved into a career by the time she was 19. She is currently behind the chair at Paul Rehder Salon in Winnetka, Illinois and extends a heartfelt "thank you" to all her loyal clients and friends for their unending support, feedback, and direction during the creation of HairValier.

Where it all began

What started as a last-minute request from a client looking for a unique style for an upcoming high school dance, turned into a fascination with an interchangeable hair jewelry system. From there, Nikki committed herself to creating a lasting hair accessory that boasted a multi-functional, trendy, unique, and personal way to express one's independent style to the world.

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